Beatriz Navarro Simón has a Law Degree from the University of Seville, with the number of collegiate 14,060 of ICAS, being CEO and founder of our office and currently living on horseback between London and Marbella. After having worked in various fields and lived in various countries, he decided to settle between Sevilla and Marbella, thus creating a business related to everything related to inheritance and property law, and legal advice at a national and international level, thus being able to reflect a wide range of knowledge and skills that together with a great legal team is capable of developing day by day with impeccable results. Beatriz has an extensive curriculum and a long career and professional career that has led her to specialize in the field of inheritance and inheritance law and everything related to property law, especially international sales and purchases.

On her resume she has several specialties such as:

  • Leonardo Scholarship in Lisbon.

  • Master’s degree in family law.

  • Master’s degree in inheritance and inheritance.

  • Master in Spanish financial and tax law. (CEFOEC)

  • Business English specialization course BEC (Junta de Andalucía- CES).

  • Master of Communication and Television presenter (Junta de Andalucia- CEA).

  • Master in Urban Planning and Environmental Law (University of Seville -2010).

  • Advanced course of Expert in Immigration Law (Madrid Bar Association 2020).

  • Official title of Accountant-Divider in Courts and notaries ( Probate Practitioner); (Seville 2020 Bar Association).

  • Expert course in International Law on inheritance and donations and inheritances (University of Seville 2018).

In addition, having lived and studied in different countries, She is fluent in different languages such as Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. 

She has also combined her career as a lawyer with training and teaching for more than 16 years, which led her to found "Seguroqueapruebocom", a company dedicated to the training of professionals and students from various areas.

Currently, Beatriz has created an NGO called AIE- “HELP TO THE IMMIGRANT IN SPAIN”, its headquarters is in Madrid and basically it is oriented to the integration of immigrants who come to Spain, in order to avoid abuses translated into crime.

She has also studied communication, which has led her to collaborate in different radio and television programs.

“In addition to being a professional of my work, I can say that I am a great lover of animals, in fact I have 3 cats and a dog collected that are strong with happiness.

I am a yoga practitioner, I love horseback riding, tennis and flamenco.

Today I am writing a book and I hope to publish it in 2020”.


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