The purpose of this policy is to report the use of cookies on this website in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on the services of the information society and electronic commerce.

What are Cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are files or text files that a web server generates and stores on a user's computer / smartphone / tablet (hereinafter equipment) when accessing certain web pages, to store and retrieve information about the user's browsing. from said team. They can also consist of a code that allows the User to be identified unequivocally while browsing. Therefore, cookies can store information about a user's equipment or about their browsing sessions of the websites they have visited, such as the page they visit, the time of Internet connection, and other data depending on the type of cookie.

In short, the use of cookies when browsing through the website allows information related to user navigation to be obtained; improve the user experience in navigation; collect statistics on the use of the website by the User and other information such as the browser used by the User, the number of pages visited, the number of visits, the tracking of movements made by the User on a website, the time that remains on the website or on a specific page, the filling or emptying of the shopping cart, and other information; geolocate the User by geolocating the connected device (information about the region and, potentially, locality data in some countries); measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns and improve the characteristics of the service for specific segments of users and especially subscribers to receive commercial electronic communications, advertising and newsletters; to know whether the recipients of commercial electronic communications and bulletins have opened such communications and the use of the links contained in them for each of the recipients, such as clicking on the links contained in the emails, and being able to prepare with the information collected monitoring reports of the campaigns.

This website uses cookies, both its own and those of third parties. Later the User can find specific information about them.

How is the use of cookies authorized on our website?

In relation to the use of cookies used on this website, the User must know that he authorizes and consents to the use of cookies in the following way:

  • Accept the use of cookies used on this website for the purposes indicated in this policy if you check or click the ACCEPT notice that is published in the first layer of information.

In any case, despite the initial acceptance of the use of cookies in browsing through our website, at any time the User can revoke their consent, disabling and rejecting their use, as explained in the corresponding section of this policy. .

In any case, the User has control over cookies, since they are stored in the browser of the equipment they use. Therefore, at any time the User may read, filter, reject and delete them.

What are the third-party cookies used and the purpose of use on the website?

Solución de TercerosTipo/PropósitoProveedorPolítica de Privacidad y opciones
Google Analytics

Ubicación: Google Maps proporciona un servicio de mapas. Registra el origen del usuario y las keywords utilizadas. Genera un prefijo único con fines analíticos. Analíticas: Google proporciona datos anónimos sobre las visitas a la página web. Vídeos: Youtube permite la subida y visualización de vídeos. Utiliza cookies para medir las visualizaciones o registrar eventos. Interacción Social: Google permite que la información de la WEB sea compartida en su red social Google +

Google Inc.



Add to any

Interacción social: Permite que la web sea compartida en redes sociales.



No rastrear

Rechazar publi. 3º


Herramientas Web. Interacción social. Addthis permite que la web sea compartida en redes sociales como Google+, Facebook, etc.

Oracle Inc.



Adobe Omniture

Analíticas: Omniture proporciona datos anónimos sobre las visitas a nuestra web y nos permite hacer pruebas y evaluar la mejor manera de presentar la web a nuestros usuarios.

Adobe Systems Incorporated





Web Video

Google Inc.



Facebook Like, Comments, Feed

Facebook Inc.




Follow Us

Facebook Inc.



How can you reject, deactivate and delete the cookies used on our website?

The User has the option of preventing or rejecting the use of cookies, deactivating and deleting them at any time with respect to browsing this website.

Most web browsers allow you to manage, at any time, the User's preferences regarding the use of Cookies. The User can adjust their browser to reject.

Cookies or delete certain Cookies at your discretion.

For the configuration of our Cookies (allow, block or eliminate Cookies) and those of third parties, the User can do so by configuring the options of the browser installed on their computer.



Internet Explorer

Safari -> Seleccione Safari > Preferencias, haga clic en Privacidad


Windows Phone

Android ->Ajustes del navegador utilizado->Privacidad del navegador utilizado

The User can revoke their consent to the use of cookies in their browser through the aforementioned indications.

To disable cookies and data storage and retrieval devices individually, the extension "Ghostery" can be installed in the browser.

The User must take into account that some characteristics of the contents of this website are only available if the installation of Cookies is allowed in their browser. If you decide not to accept or block certain Cookies (depending on their purpose), this may affect, in whole or in part, the normal operation of the website or prevent access to some services on it.

Updates and changes in the Cookies Policy.

The person in charge can modify this Cookies Policy based on changes in the use of Cookies on its website, new legislative, regulatory requirements, or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions issued by the control authorities, specifically, the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

It is therefore possible that significant changes occur in this Cookies Policy which will be published in it. But it will be the responsibility of the User to access this Policy periodically to know any changes, without prejudice to the possibility of communicating these changes to the users of the website through an informative notice on our website and / or through other means.

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